VR by 360-BERLIN

The international photo agency 360-BERLIN has its origin in the internet project „Virtual Berlin„. This site contained of a number of virtual reality panoramas based upon the Quick Time panorama technology at the turn of the millennium.

In fact, this was one of the first websites which offered full screen interactive panoramic views of the German capital to a worldwide audience and attracted over a period of 5 years more than 50 million unique visitors.

While due to the increased demand of such images, this project developed into a photo agency with a more general approach to photography,  the creation of panoramas and vr content remained a major point of interest.

Today, 360-BERLIN has one of the largest collections of VR content worldwide. This consists mainly of 360 degree panoramic images, but also inceasingly of 360 degree film.

virtual reality panorama: Potsdamer Platz Berlin
virtual reality panorama: Potsdamer Platz Berlin


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities – Content and Applications

The last decade has seen the rise of an uprecedented kind of technology: smartphones and tablet computers are the first devices enabling not only virtual reality applications, but also bring augmented and mixed reality to everyone.

360-BERLIN as a content provider has teamed up with the software firm doppelplusgut and other international companies in order to develop software applications in this field.